Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Over the past several months I've been checking out a good number of CDs from the LA Public Library, generally 6 to 9 per week. Recently I figured out that in addition to the regular media library area, there's something called "Teenscape" that has its own music area. I noticed that a lot of the CDs in regular circulation have this sticker that indicates it's from that section, so I recently wandered up there. So far I've taken 6 discs out of Teenscape, but I'm kind of skeptical about what they consider to be teen fare. Here's the list

OK, I'm not a trained deomgraphician or anything, but I see how maybe Cornershop and maaaaaybe Shonen Knife go in the teen section. Other than that: HUH?!?! Particularly Nebraska--I'm sure L.A. teens of 2004 are all over the timeless pessimism of "Atlantic City" and "Highway Patrolman". Blew up the chicken man in Philly indeed. Yet for some reason I have to wander up into the teen area and be the LAPL equivalent of the Old Guy In The Club just so I can enjoy Poisoning Pigeons in the Park. (The song, not the activity. I'd have to go two blocks down for that.) Ricockulous.

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