Monday, September 27, 2004

Disturbingly detail-oriented readers may have noticed a new blogroll entry on the left, the first fellow blogger I have discovered here at law school, Bria. One of her recent posts is the funniest thing I've read online in a while, so enjoy. I particularly liked the word "shempery" and the phrase, "This one wasn't quite as well-planned as the flame thrower."

Also, while comparing amusing websites with said fellow blogger the other night, I was reminded that I hadn't been back to Real Ultimate Power in a long time, which was a horrible oversight on my part. The real find, though, was a link off of that site to The Ultrainteractive Kung Fu Remixer, a.k.a. make your own Bruce Lee movie. Warning: do not click on The Ultrainteractive Kung Fu Remixer unless you have copious free time to spend there right now. If you didn't make it to the warning before clicking through to The Ultrainteractive Kung Fu Remixer a few hours ago, my apologies.

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