Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lots of people seem to think the Steelers' season is over now that the Roethliswekljdiohjohjoihjugberger Era has begun early, or as I like to think of it, now that Big Ben has struck one. They may be right, but I'm cautiously optimistic. In a week where he wasn't practicing, was at least slightly injured, and was pressed into duty unexpectedly, he put up better statistics than Maddox, looked at least as comfortable in the pocket, avoided pressure effectively, occasionally actually stayed upright when someone touched him, and flashed an absolute cannon of an arm.

The INTs were bad, but no worse than 40-something Vinny T. and 30-something Jeff Garcia were exchanging all afternoon in Dallas. (Yes, I know comparisons to Vinny inspire no confidence, but still.) He also looked a lot better than either QB in the Cincy-Miami tilt, both of whom are touted, older than Ben, and knew they were starting. Give Ben some seasoning, mix with what looks like a pretty easy schedule, and see if the Steelers aren't going into Thanksgiving well within shouting distance of a playoff berth.

There are no guaranties in the NFL, but I really liked what I saw from Ben on Sunday.

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