Monday, September 20, 2004

My schedule is set up in a way so that I have 2-3-4-3-2 classes going Monday through Friday. It's not the greatest of symmetries, though I guess it's OK. It's a change from grad school, when 3 classes in a week was a very full load. Now, Property meets 5 times a week, Contracts 4, Criminal Law 3, and Legal Practice 2. Property starts my day at 11:15 every day, which is nice because I can get up at 7, snooze once or twice, walk over to the gym, get in my full workout, and be back with plenty of time to spare.

I've been trying something new at the gym over the last week. I've always done cardio and 4-to-7 lifts on a given day, and the cardio has always been recumbent stationary bike, which puts the least strain on my feet. But my feet haven't been acting up in a while, so I decided last Monday when the bikes were being a pain in the ass to try walking on the treadmill. It was fine, so I've been doing that instead of the bike. The tradeoff is that I burn more calories walking, but I also don't work my heart at quite the same rate. At this point, though, I'm willing to trade the calories, although I may have to work the bike in some days to get something of a cardio workout.

I don't know what to say about classes. I really enjoy Property, I don't mind Criminal, and Contracts is boring. I mean, I don't expect contracts not to be boring, but it's just something to get through. People in my section seem to have varying ideas about what classes they like better or worse, but there seems to be pretty universal agreement that Contracts is hardest.

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