Sunday, February 06, 2005

I have to admit to some level of apathy about the Super Bowl today, for one big obvious reason plus a lot of smaller ones. One problem, though, is that I still haven't decided who I'm pulling for in my heart of hearts. There are reasons for me to pull for or against each team:


  1. My default rule has been to cheer for the AFC, given the XIII-year streak from XIX-XXXII that has been overcome but certainly not matched.
  2. You can always pretend you had the second-best team when the team that beat you goes on to win it all.
  3. There are some really likable guys on this team: Vrabel, Vinatieri, Brown.
  4. It might extend the reign of the hoodie, a garment I've really been enjoying of late and want to remain acceptable to wear indefinitely.
  5. A lot of Philly fans are assholes; believe the hype.
  6. There isn't really a rivalry between Steelers and Eagles, but there's definitely a rivalry between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, dating back to at least the Whiskey Rebellion.
  7. It's chow-dah! I'll kill ya!

  1. My other default rule is to pull for the underdog.
  2. I hate dynasties in sports, and I love to see them derailed.
  3. Patriots, Red Sox, Patriots might make certain people permanently insufferable.
  4. My dad and uncle are Syracuse fans who would love to see McNabb get one. Also, the celebration might be outstanding--he may top the moonwalk.
  5. One of my favorite football memories that didn't involve a team I root for directly was in 1997, watching a Steeler game at Silky's in Squirrel Hill and then staying through the late game to help the Philly fans cheer against the Cowboys. That upset, with Troy Vincent(?) returning an interception over 100 yards to clinch the game, was arguably the beginning of the end for that Dallas team. Speaking of this, is Silky's the only Pittsburgh bar for out-of-town fans, being an Eagle bar?
  6. I'm totally in the school that says if Terrell Owens were a white guy he'd get the Brett Favre treatment as a transcendent talent instead of the Randy Moss treatment. Owens has a truly astonishing biography of overcoming adversity, but the reactionary sports media wants you to think he's an ass. I'd like to see him win.
  7. Philly fans may be assholes, but they're my kind of assholes, and part of me wants them to get their ring.
  8. Mmmm....Pat's and/or Geno's.
  9. I'd like to see just once someone talk about Andy Reid as a smart guy and a good guy without having to mention he's a fat guy. Really, it's true, you can be fat and also have other characteristics.
I'm almost tempted to put money on the game just so I care, but that probably won't happen. I suspect New England will win, probably by something like 30-21, but I hope it's a close game and fun to watch. I guess in the absence of a real rooting interest, that's the best I can hope for.

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