Thursday, February 17, 2005

So this week the work really started to get crazy, partially just because we take a lot of credits this semester and partially because of a weird Perfect Storm of obligations that are law school related, but not class themselves. A few updates, points, etc.

1. I now have spring break plans. W00t! I'll be going to DC for about four days to visit Kristan and company, including a trip to the 9:30 Club to see Flogging Molly again. Following that I'll be spending three days in Miami, which will be state #46 for those of you counting at home.

2. One non-class commitment that has picked up is these weird-ass receptions law firms keep hosting for 1Ls. The gist is: we've hired for the summer, we didn't want you, but here's some free food and drinks so you'll consider us for your 2L summer. Last night there were two, including one at The Chop House, which rocked and of course was packed. Both firms thoughtfully had no representatives of any of their West Coast offices, so I don't really know any more than I did about working at either firm in the location where I would actually be working. (At the moment, I expect to apply to LA and SF offices, maybe LV too.) On the other hand, I do now have the unmistakable impression that at both firms your primary job is to travel around schmoozing with 1Ls, rather than billing some insane number of hours. Or at least that's what I think we're supposed to take away from these things.

3. So my extra class this term is a seminar, which was supposed to be a fun and easy way to go, but has turned out to be a fun and crushing amount of work way to go. I spent a surprisingly large chunk of this week reading 19th-century cases where a will was contested due to an unsound mind. As a service to the readers, here are some grounds on which you might have your will contested if you were a 19th-century denizen:

  • After your stroke you liked to pull down your pants and take a dump at the dinner table.
  • Your slaves talked back to you and you didn't say anything about it.
  • You tried to hit your shrewish wife in the head with a broom.
  • You were an 89-year-old woman who married a 55-year-old man (who you thought was a demigod) for the purpose of allowing him to do good works with your money.
  • Said 55-year-olds "good works" mostly consisted of sleeping around.
  • You took up with a woman beneath your station in life.
  • More importantly, you failed to burn the letters said woman sent you, with intimate details of your sex life, asking you for money, and telling you to get rid of your wife.
  • You believed that after death your soul would transfer into the body of a dog, so you prudently left everything to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • You drank and smoked. A lot.
  • You were perfectly normal in every aspect except for an intense delusional belief, unsusceptible to any contradiction, that your daughter was depraved and profligate, so you regularly tied her up to the bedpost and flogged her and disinherited her.
  • Believing that several relatives you wished to disinherit were living in your teeth, you had 14 of them (the teeth) extracted.
  • You believed you had the devil trapped in your fireplace.

In the interest of preventing heads from exploding, I will not reveal which of these did and which did not result in throwing out the will. You really don't want to know.

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