Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Thanks to Metafilter, I spent a decent chunk of today looking at unusual Wikipedia articles today. There's no doubt that Galambosianism was my favorite. The second paragraph is priceless, but the first paragraph is necessary background for making the second paragraph priceless.

Speaking of Metafilter, I'm totally creeped out by this. If you zoom all the way in, you'll notice a fork in the road on the south end of the map. There's one house on the left immediately north of the fork, south of another side street. That's my parents' house. Zooming out one notch gives you a pretty good sense of the town I grew up in.

Finally, again from the same site and branching off from the recent graffiti post, comes this site featuring street-level art from around the world. If you ever wondered what people spray paint on walls in Vancouver or Ljubljana, wonder no more.

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