Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm sitting here torturing myself with the music on my Windows Media Player, specifically this, this, and this. The torture of the last one may not be so obvious; second half of the first verse.

I don't have any deep thoughts (or for that matter, Deep Thoughts) on this milestone day; the sun came up this morning (you know, to the extent it does at all in an Ann Arbor winter), and I assume it will come up again tomorrow morning, and life goes on. Many of my friends have hit 30 and lived to tell about it, so I have role models. I'm shaping up to have the biggest birthday celebration I've had in a long time tonight, and possibly the biggest I've ever had; after that, I can stop worrying about a number looming on the horizon (It's BIG...and ROUND!!!) and get back to doing what I do.

Oh, and thanks to Bria, I spent most of the last day of my 20s playing with this. Try to limit yourself to two hours at a sitting.

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