Saturday, May 07, 2005

Moving into a fifth-story walk-up was possibly the worst experience of my life. Moving out today wasn't quite so bad--top 20 at worst. Nothing fun about it. However, unlike my last three moves, each of which involved about a 2500-mile trek, today's move checks in at a strong 0.1 miles. The biggest benefit: the possibility of making multiple trips. That, plus moving out, moving in, and getting the first big grocery shopping trip out of the way all in one day, with blogging and basketball playoff time to spare. On the other hand, my feet and back are not speaking to me--ok, actually they are, and it's mostly swearing.

Thursday was a remarkable day. I was dreading the exam format, which was a whole bunch of mid-length questions, but it actually got me in a nice little zone where I spent the appropriate amount of time per question, and it disguised the fact that the breadth of my Con Law knowledge kicked the shit out of the depth.

Post-exam, I managed to get sloppy drunk, take a 2.5-hour nap, get hungover, and get very drunk a second time. Have I mentioned that law school is a hard-drinking culture? And never moreso than the the last day of finals.

Friday was a lost day, but lost days are great when you have the time to have them. I did find out that I got into Secured Transactions and First Amendment, as well as Enterprise Organizations and Taxation of Individuals. Of the latter two I will keep one and drop one; the keeping and dropping will be contingent on whether or not I can transfer into the other section of EO, giving me the dreamed of "8:45-12:15 and that's it" schedule. Let's just say I'll be checking add/drop early and often for a vacancy.

Oh, and thanks to Lexis-Nexis reward points, I have 10 free song downloads from iTunes. Any suggestions?

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