Thursday, May 19, 2005

My law review and other journal applications are due on Monday, and then I'm actually, truly, honest-to-God finished with law school until the fall. Motivation is flagging in a big way. The law review application is an 8-page closed memo, meaning it's a self-contained assignment with outside research not required (in fact, forbidden). Well, 8 pages of text plus up to 7 pages of endnotes. That proportion should give some sense of the anal attention to detail required to complete the damn thing. I really want law review on my resume. On the other hand, I don't really want to do law review, and I sure as hell don't want to write this damn application right now. But, you know, I'm weak, so at some point panic will set in and I'll really get to work. (I should say that I have done a decent chunk of work, reading and highlighting the packet, and creating a bluebooked list of source citations. But still.)

In happier news, I had that experience last night where I watched a really good movie and wanted to talk about it with people, but it was one of those where the only possible reaction you would get from saying "I just watched x" would be: "Omigod, you'd never seen x? Are you from Neptune? Have you been there since two weeks ago Wednesday?" However, this is my blog, so I can just come out and say it--The Shawshank Redemption turns out to be as good as advertised, and from now on I'll remember that The Sports Guy isn't talking about some damn hockey player I've never heard of when he references Andy Dufresne.

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