Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm starting to look for my summer sublet, and it's already starting to feel like a pain in the ass. I thought I might have a good situation lined up, and then it fell apart over parking and utilities. I've been looking at lots of ads on Craigslist, and occasionally one sounds good, but the two problem are that my timeframe is so specific without lining up with school out there--UCLA is on quarters, so summer corresponds with the actual season rather than being mid-May to mid-August like I need. Any place I get is going to be sight unseen, so even if I really like the description of a place, I'll have some anxiety about the place until I actually arrive.

The real purpose of this post, though, was to say OMIGOD about a few of the ads I've come across on Craigslist LA: they range from I don't know what your scam is but I'm confident that it's trouble, to I know what your scam is and it's really sketchy, to my personal favorite, I'm literally just that (ahem) ballsy. That last one makes this guy sound downright charming. The ad that takes the cake is the guy whose primary goal is to Escape Rabbit Girl, and I think it's because of the way he alternates between making these totally bizarre statements about the current roommate and remembering to specify what he's actually looking for: I hate her...I need to get out...wood floors a plus....she smells...

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