Wednesday, February 22, 2006

T-minus about 22 hours before I hop on a plane for a long weekend in Miami for Spring Break. I'm looking forward to wearing just a T-shirt outdoors. OK, maybe pants too. I'll be back all too soon, and spend part of the rest of the time taking my South Africa takehome final. So it's a yin-and-yang break, but at least it'll be out of the way.

I cashed in some more research points for free iTunes this week. The one I'm digging the most right now is Jenny Lewis's "You Are What You Love," followed closely by Rilo Kiley's "Plane Crash in C." Then I got this weirdly personal(ish) cluster: "Century City" by Tom Petty, "Join Me In L.A." by Warren Zevon, and Fountains of Wayne's "California Sex Lawyer." (OK, maybe one of those is wishful thinking.) I also found some Willie Nelson songs I like growing up--Sioux City Sue and Don't Fence Me In, as well as the eponymous tune The Highwayman. Perhaps most shamefully, a lunchtime discussion prompted me to download three Rod Stewart tunes--Lost In You (my favorite of his), Some Guys Have All The Luck, and Downtown Train--but I stand by the decision. Finally, I filled in three '80s songs I had unforgivably neglected to pick up earlier: Luka (I only had the live version), Bizarre Love Triangle (I only had the Frente cover), and Los Lobos' "Come On Let's Go," which is the best cover I've heard of late '50s rock-n-roll bar none.

I've got 5 more downloads to play with; any suggestions?

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