Saturday, February 04, 2006

Joey Porter's advice column is undoubtedly the most entertaining thing I've read in the XL run-up, and I'm not surprised it came from MightyMJD.

A distant (but, nonethless, strong) second is the pool of celebrity picks Bill pointed out, and which DEK also mentioned. But I feel they have not given the subject a completely thorough treatment. Some of the highlights for me:

  • First of all, unlike many celeb picks, everyone seems to have picked two reasonable numbers--no one thinks there's going to be a 4, 5, 8, 11, or 18 in the final score. Kudos, celebs.
  • As DEK pointed out, Teresa Heinz Kerry is not P.O.B.E. Taylor or Lou Christie, dammit!
  • Though picking foolishly, Martina Navratilova gave two cogent sentences on the Super Bowl. Anyone surprised?
  • Kobe Bryant, not a former geography bee champion, I'm guessing.
  • Mario Lemieux says, "Pittsburgh. It's the hometown team and I've become a fan." A lot celebs had variations on this theme. If they were asked why they were making their pick, then that's fine. But they were asked why one team or the other will win, then there's a lotof weirdly egotistical celebs with little sense of causation.
    • Apparently, our Evidence prof's harping on "always ask what the evidence is being presented to prove when considering admissibility" has sunk in. (And if Hasselback throws a "pick 6" after the teams have exchanged TDs, you'd better bet I'll be yelling, "Hurray! I'm for the other team!" for hours, if not weeks.)
  • Wolf Blitzer likes the Steelers because they remind him that he's from Buffalo. Isn't that a reason to hate the Steelers? And shouldn't you just like the Steelers because you're named "Blitzer"?
  • Mickey Rooney is a huge Dan Kreider fan. Who knew?
  • Haley Joel Osment sees dead Seahawks. OK, weak, but he's been right six years running and he's picked us, so I've gotta give him his propers.
  • The most lopsided pro-Steelers pick? Everyone's favorite GGMILF.
  • Shocking that the heiress to a local brewing fortune picked Pittsburgh.
  • Regis gave a wussy non-pick. Punk.
  • Bobby Thomson picked the Steelers and Ralph Branca picked Seattle. I think we see who's still whose bitch.
  • It's really hard to figure out on the fly whether to use "who's" or "whose" when you have to use both in the same sentence.
  • It turns our Eddie Murray is not older than Eddie Murray.
    • Let's be honest, Tulane: NFL pretty good, at best.
  • Read Mark Cuban's comment and tell me that Ike Taylor, Deshea Townsend, and Chris Hope don't sit around thinking, "Hey, there's an outside chance he means me!"
  • Do you think there would be quite as many Olympians in this thing in a year ending with an odd number? Just wondering.
  • Steve Carrell lost in the regionals of the geography bee to Kobe Bryant. Scranton is closer to the following NFL cities than it is to Pittsburgh: New York/East Rutherford, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Baltimore, Washington DC, and yes even Foxboro.
  • Anthony LaPaglia is rooting for the Steelers because he fondly remembers the Cold War.
  • If Falwell and Dobson can be trusted, God is neutral.
  • Does anyone else still find it funny that there's a well-known African-American comedian named George Wallace? Nope, just me? I'm fine with that.
  • Carrot Top shows more knowledge than I would have expected with the "one side of the helmet" comment. Maybe we've underestimated that one.
  • Yep, still smirking about "If Falwell and Dobson can be trusted" thing.
  • Do you think Judy Tenuta is just guessing, or has she actually done a butt-by-butt comparison?
  • I could go on, but assume all sane persons have stopped reading long ago. Then again, given what I suspect about my readership, that's not really a problem...

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