Monday, February 24, 2003

Two personal updates. The Civic was partially fixed last Tuesday. The headlight cover, turn signal, and fender have been replaced. So everything functional is now fixed--I have a working front right turn signal, and nothing scrapes when I turn. However, the bumper the body shop ordered was the wrong model year and did not fit. So I have my car back, partially fixed, while we await a new bumper. The good news is twofold: the remaining damage is only cosmetic, and the multi-bumper fiasco won't cost me anything. The bad news is also twofold: my car still looks like a fire-eating Truckzilla took a big bite out of it at a monster truck rally, and it turns out that my car also badly needs a tune-up. The second personal update is that the current temp gig is now scheduled to end on March 7 due to arcane union rules about the hiring of temporary employees and acceptable duration thereof at this particular university, regardless of whether (a) you'd rather stay and (b) the department would rather that you stay. This will not cause me to grumble loudly and angrily against unions in general, but it does annoy me. Hopefully a new temp gig will be in the offing soon. It's hard to imagine that it will involve a shorter commute or more blogging time, but hopefully that will be made up for by somewhat better $$$.

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