Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Three quick items on my "lunch" break:

  1. Work will get more interesting in the next few days. Some deadline pressure has scrapped the current project, and I'm now doing other things. For instance, starting tomorrow I will actually be supervising other temps. Did I mention this is my 14th day here? The new person or people will have the exciting job of Bates numbering. Yes, putting numbers on pages one at a time. Eight hours a day. This, my friends, is a negative reference group.
  2. Let's all welcome Bill to the blogosphere. In addition to walking for MS and playing Burn Rate, Bill is a board game aficianado, and you can tell he grew up within 30 miles of the Mason-Dixon Line (one town over from Beallsville, in fact) because he likes both hockey and NASCAR. But don't hold any of that against him, because he's a professional writer, so I expect good things from this blog.
  3. I'm upset at The Athletic Reporter this week. Oh, sure, it's got the high-quality content we've come to expect, but this week's issue violates its pledge to make everything up.

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