Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Average Mulder may be slightly overstating the case. Very. Slightly.

I always had some confidence during today's game, because Vinny Testaverde was prominently involved, and I knew we could expect Something Stupid from him at some point. We got it. After that, it was some old-fashioned Steeler football, pounding it down to the goal line in the last few minutes, and Jerome rumbling in for the winning score. Big Ben continues to roll; not much else to say there.

A few observations from the basement:

  1. I am so overboard on Big Ben that I briefly suggested we put him in on the last play for Hail Mary defense. The rest of the crowd pointed out you may not want to expose your franchise QB that way. Good point by them.
  2. Seattle did that thing I hate, where they were down by 10 inside a minute left, they get down to the 20 yard line, and they don't go for the field goal. Instead, they run out the clock trying for the TD. If you kick, you have a chance to recover an onside kick and try some long passes. If you run the clock down to almost nothing getting the TD, you don't have time to get the ball back and get into FG range.
  3. I don't know if Duce Staley is a smart man, but the peanut gallery suggested today that the Steelers should have a dumb guy RB who's not tall, so he could be nicknamed The Short Bus.

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