Friday, October 08, 2004

The concert last night was a blast. I hadn't been to a full-on mosh pit type of event in several years, and while I wouldn't want to do it too regularly, it was fun in a very visceral kind of way. As Flogging Molly started, we were right in the middle of the pit, and everybody was cheering hard, pumping fists, etc. Then, about three nanosconds after the opening chord, I had been pushed about 20 feet without trying at all. The first two songs were crazy like that--the whole floor was being thrown to and fro at random. I went down twice, but was none the worse for wear. Actually, one of the coolest things about the show was mosh pit etiquette--as soon as someone started to go down, 5 to 10 people would instantly get to work surrounding them to keep other people away, and helping them back up. And then, of course, going right back to beating the hell out of them.

After the early madness, we made our way a little more toward the fringes, where the action was a little less heavy: a lot of pushing people back into the pit, but not so much with the getting pushed. After that, there was just a lot of jumping around, a little bit of dancing, and a lot of noise. It was hot, sweaty, smelly, and loud--in short, a great show, and about as opposite from law school as you could imagine. The only downer was that they didn't play the Lake Tanganyika song, but I'm over it. Mostly.

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