Saturday, October 16, 2004

I helped put the F back in Freedom last night. I was highly entertained; things were overwrought, but you should expect that from a Parker/Stone production. The Mr. Mestophiles joke just about knocked me out of my chair, but I won't ruin it for you here.

After the movie, a bunch of us went to karaoke night at Mitch's. I had a tough lead-in, as one of the girls in our group did the new official most popular song at UM football games, Living on a Prayer. (A few weeks ago the band played it at halftime, and about 60,000 people sang along with the chorus; they've been playing it as quarter music since then.) She also had the distinct (some might say "unfair," in karaoke) advantage of actual singing ability.

However, I put my Mad Skillz on display with a 6-minute version of Rapper's Delight, which included both the Superman and the "ugly food that stanks" verses. No one who saw it would deny that I have, at worst, the skillz to pay most of the billz.

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