Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Some things I have learned in the last 48 hours or so:

  1. You can call it something else, but wherever you go, the DMV is still the DMV. I went to change my car insurance yesterday, which turned into changing my insurance, driver's license, and plates, which turned into only the first two because I apparently lost my title in the move. Super. And though the customers at the "Secretary of State" (i.e. DMV) here didn't look as eager to die as those in L.A. always did, the wait was still long and soul-sucking.
  2. Car insurance in Ann Arbor is about half the price of car insurance in L.A., for better coverage.
  3. If you impersonate your twin brother and have sex with his girlfriend under the false pretense that you are actually him, you have not committed rape. Substitute the word "wife" for "girlfriend", and you have. Go figure. (Every day in classes I see more and more practical examples of what all this "defense of marriage" nonsense actually encompasses rather than some bullshit about "sanctity"--a million legal things change, small and large, when people are married.)
  4. It is possible for someone who managed to enroll at a top 10 law school to say something as cavalier as, "she's a feminist," as a full rebuttal to an argument presented in the casebook. People were almost too stunned to be offended.

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