Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Having complained a lot about the cold lately in Michigan and then Pennsylvania, I decided to do something about it and relocate for the week to, er, um, New Hampshire. Somewhere two paper cut-outs are clinking glasses and shouting, "Brilliant!" [BTW, if you badly type that URL, you end up in Utah.]

The agenda for the week is to relax and watch a million billion movies (give or take). So far this week I've seen Closer and Meet The Fockers, and while I recommend either one wholeheartedly, the latter is certainly good for laughs--a little too obvious, low-brow, and over the top with the "Focker" jokes. You see, it almost sound like "fucker", which is funny, kinda, the first six times or so. Closer is a complex relationship movie about a dysfunction love parallelogram. Your enjoyment of the movie will not rest so much on suspension of disbelief but suspension of bitterness: your enjoyment will wax or wane depending on how much you can sympathize with Jude Law for not being able to fully commit to Julia Roberts or Natalie Portman. Let's just say my sympathy was scant, and leave it at that. Of the two, I much preferred Clive Owen. I did like the fact that there are four people and no clear good guy or bad guy--though it's also clear that Law is the lead of the film, so maybe he was the good guy and I just didn't buy it.

We also tried to the the Kill Bill 1 and 2 back-to-back blowout last night, but Tim's DVD player conked out about 2/3rds of the way through 1. So we're off to Best Buy later to continue the week of escaping reality.

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