Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I just signed and sealed 37 envelopes to go out first thing in the morning. December 1 is the first day that first-year law students can contact prospective employers about summer jobs, and the general buzz seems to be that that means apply on December 1 if you want a job with a firm. I'm sending 29 letters to LA firms and 8 to Pittsburgh ones; this is not due to any preference of any sort beyond the fact that (1) I want a job, (2) there is basically no chance of getting a job outside of markets you have direct connections to, and (3) those 37 are basically the ones in those two cities which at least claim to hire 1Ls. So I'll scatter resumes and cover letters to the wind, hope for some response, and then get back to preparing for finals; with any luck, I'll have some interviews to keep me busy over the holidays.

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