Saturday, December 04, 2004

I've spent a ridiculous amount of my day on that most quintessentially 1L task, creating course outlines. For the last 5.5 hours, for instance, I've been sitting at Espresso Royale (where I spend many, many hours most days) creating Criminal Law-related prose (some writing, some cut-and-pasting) that looks like this:

Involuntary manslaughter: the unintentional, reckless [or negligent] killing of a human being.

Negligent homicide: the unintentional, negligent killing of a human being.

Bold-underlined text indicates a definition. Red text indicates something that is only true in common-law jurisdictions. Violet text indicates something is true in both common-law and Model Penal Code jurisdictions. Blue (you guessed it!) means something is only true in Model Penal Code jurisdictions. If, lord help you, you wanted to see what all this is leading to, here are some of our professor's previous exams. (Note: "some of our professor's previous exams," contrary to what I may have said, is not only true in Model Penal Code jurisdictions.)

In other news--oh wait, it's 11 days until my first final and 19 days until my last one; there is no other news.

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