Friday, January 14, 2005

As I sit here wheezing from the first two full-court basketball games I've played in many a moon (I held my own in the first, with two buckets and some decent screens, but was useless for the second.), I decided it's time for some hints on the lyrics thing, which will certainly be followed up because it's fun, probably Monday or Tuesday.

2. Album cut off a 2004 alterna-rocker.
4. 1993 album, British, genre maybe industrial, I don't know much about them; this is a 6-minute song, and this lyric, the only lyric, is repeated many many times
6. See #2.
8. I'm looking for the original, British Invasion artist
10. See #2, except substitute 1994 for 2004, and it's a girl group
11. Again, album cut off off contemporary alterna-rock.
20. OK, this is anal--title is "Heaven Isn't Too Far Away"
21. Biggish new wave/synth-pop '80s song; this is the one I'm most surprised hasn't been gotten yet.
22. Oldies/classic rock station fare; not exactly a staple--maybe the band's 3rd biggest song--but fairly well known
24. I can't believe Victoria was here and this one is still standing; alt-country

Please don't yell at me if, for instance, I call something a 2004 album and it really came out in November 2003; hints are not binding contracts.

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