Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Last semester, for about the first half, I consistently made it to the gym Monday through Wednesday. Not once did I ever make it to the gym during a week if I didn't go on Monday. From mid-semester on, I made it rarely--I think about 5 times between November and December. I wouldn't say I exactly made a New Year's resolution to go more this term/year, but it is a goal.

So far so good, I guess. I've been there the last four days, which means that "sore" isn't so much a sensation as a way of being at the moment. However, it basically feels good. My stamina numbers suck, but they'll recover quickly enough. My biggest concern is scheduling; last term classes started at 11:15, so any day I went I went first thing in the morning. With 8 and 10 o'clocks this time around, that's not going to work. Three days a week this term I'm done at 2:30 (MTF) and have the afternoon. The other two days I add in a 3:40, which screws things up a bit. However, I might be dropping the Th 3:40 for an MW 6-7:30, which would open a fourth afternoon, but screw up the "gym afternoon/homework evening" plan.

But anyway, the bottom line is, I need to make sure classes don't overwhelm my motivation to exercise, and I need to make sure that screwing up one day doesn't mean I write off a whole week. If I can do those things, it should be a good term on the workout front. In the meantime, I should go soak in Ben Gay...

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