Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Some random, actual exchanges and comments from Dwight enjoying and Joe THOROUGHLY enjoying the Orange Bowl:

D: It looks like Jason White might be having a Gino Torretta game.
J: Yes.
D: Is he going to have the same draft interest as Eric Crouch?
J: No, White's not garnering any interest as a safety.
D: Is he going to have the same draft interest as Tommy Frazier?
J: No, he's not getting interest from the CFL.
D: Charlie Ward?
J: No, he's not getting any interest from the NBA.
D: OK, I was trying to stick to football.
J: I think we're back to Torretta. On draft day he's going to be swearing--he's gonna have Torretta's Syndrome

(Announcers discuss White's struggles in last year's Sugar Bowl vs. LSU)
J: We may be looking at the rare double Torretta.
D: I think you can get one of those at Starbucks. In fact, White may be serving them there next week.

D: Wouldn't it be great if the ADT Trophy got stolen?

D: You know, if you translate it, "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" means: "The The Angels Angels of Anaheim"
J: I guess their owner was a fan of Double Double Chex Chex

Brad Nessler: 25 men fight over one woman on...The Bachelorette. Sounds like college.
D: Brad Nessler went to Deep Springs?

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