Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cleaning up some of the miscellany that I haven't had the chance to discuss...

  • I got back to Beallsville from New Hampshire at 1:50 a.m. on January 3rd. Unfortunately, my connection was in Philadelphia on U.S. Airways. This means that my luggage arrived exactly 25 hours later. Yes, that's correct--a very unhappy looking delivery man handed me a large black suitcase at my folks' front door at 2:50 in the morning. FYI, you might want to keep your
    supply of thyroid medication in your carry-on, just so you know.
  • DEK's Friday entry provides most of the details of our trip to the ABA game. If I remember any more key details, they'll show up in the comments there.
  • I had two interviews on Thursday for summer jobs. It's hard to say how they went; I felt good, and at no point did I start screaming, "I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS, DAMMIT!" But I've given up on reading the minds of interviewers. I had four half-hour sessions with each firm, plus two other guys from the first firm took me to lunch. By the last conversation, I was ready to fall asleep right there in the lawyer's office. Fortunately, I held up, but it was touch and go. Interviewing is draining.
  • I spent my last day at home watching NFL Films on ESPN Classic--very good times. I even got to see the one with the Magic Bean, and something called "Super Seventies," which was an hour-long summary of the decade in football, and which featured titles in the Skip-Bo font.
  • I made it back to Ann Arbor yesterday afternoon; I have already figured out at least three things I left at home. Go Joe.
  • After 3 weeks away, the four flights of stairs just suck out loud.

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