Monday, January 31, 2005

Of all the ways I've ever found out I didn't get a job, the most interesting yet was going to a cocktail party where a firm was looking to recruit 1Ls and (more importantly) get us interested in applying there for our post-2L summer, and having them say that while they had filled the positions at one office that takes 1Ls, the other three are still open. Then they listed the 3, and the one I applied to wasn't on the list. D'oh!!

So neither firm I interviewed with worked out, and now I'll be looking primarily at public interst work for the summer. If you see me this summer and I'm dressed like an old cartoon hobo with the little bag on the end of a stick, now you know why. I still have a few outside prospects for paid summer work, but by far my two best shots have passed me by.

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